Special brushes in a shape of strip. They are successfully used for sealing doors and various structures, protecting them from dust, light, sound insulation, etc. They are an excellent alternative to traditional rubber seals. They can be supplied in a set with mounting profile of various shapes, with different coatings
Industrial grade technical brushes. They are used for cleaning conveyor belts, washing and cleaning finished products (double-glazed windows, vegetables, PVC panels, etc.), packaging, coating, transportation. The advantage of this type of brushes is the ability to manufacture tools of almost any shape and size. Various pile materials are available depending on the task
Brushes for cleaning internal surfacesand cavities of all sizes. Variable pile materials are available, including strict hygienic standards.
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A line of specialized seals for doors , gates for various purposes, any design and size. A wide range of materials and colors for any design solutions. Series of drop seals for fire doors
A variety of rammed brushes. These are rollers, consisting of several modules, which are interconnected by means of toothed gearing. Thus, ease of transportation, installation, and replacement of worn parts is ensured.
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Thin brush rings and belts are available in a variety of materials. Used in various installations for cleaning, processing, washing, transportation in light industry.
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  1. Embedded roller brush
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  4. Module roller brush
  5. Strip brush
  6. Hole brush

KOTI TRIBOLLET official distributor in Canada

If a brush for your goal exists - we have it, if it doesn’t - KOTI TRIBOLLET will make it for you!

Forget about poor-quality  brushes use

KOTI TRIBOLLET is the market leader in the production of industrial brushes. We know how important it is to use products of the highest quality in your work. Can you remember how annoying it is when you use a poor-quality brush and its bristles start falling out one by one? In such case work turns into torment and you just want to throw away such brush. Or another case when you can’t reach a specific area to clean because of an inappropriate brush size or shape.  Thanks to the special bristle impact technology used in the manufacturing process by our company, you will forget about this problem. The main task of our industrial brushes is to effectively clean any surface in the shortest possible time, using only high-quality materials. We know that brushes should be applicable to any kind of dirt and coatings when you need to clean, polish as well as suitable for any other purpose. Therefore, we present a wide range of industrial brushes for a large number of goals. KOTI TRIBOLLET provides rapid manufacturing turnaround. 

Why you should use KOTI TRIBOLLET industrial brushes

  • Effective work
    KOTI TRIBOLLET pays special attention to texture when producing brushes. This allows the bristles to penetrate even the deepest areas and cope with old dirt.
  • Large selection of special brushes
    A wide range of products allows you to find a brush of almost any size and shape. More than ___ items are available on the website to order. Our company is constantly expanding its product range to cover as many industries as possible. We are ready to help you to choose the brushes that will perfectly suit your purposes.
  • Technical Brush Wear Resistance
    Thanks to excellent quality, the brushes will serve for a long time. To achieve this goal only durable materials are used in production.
  • Easy to use brushes
    Each brush is designed for maximum ease of use.A wide range of brushes gives you enough opportunities to choose modern items for solving all kinds of tasks.
  • Reusable brushes
    Due to the high quality of products, the brushes can be reused.

How to make the production process easier and more economical?

  • KOTI TRIBOLLET is constantly working on improving available products. Innovations in this area allow us to make the quality of brushes better. It will allow you to make the production process even easier and more economical when using our industrial brushes.
  • Every day the company continues presenting on the market brushes that satisfy even the highest requirements when it comes to the look and the quality. Versatility is one more distinguishing feature of our brushes.
  • To achieve the best results in use, different bristles are used when producing different brushes and you can choose any stiffness. For effective work even in hard-to-reach places, bristles of various lengths and shapes are available.
  • To achieve the the best results, KOTI TRIBOLLET implements new ideas and innovative approaches into the development of new units. We are ready to single out among  brushes that are able to solve specifically your tasks.

Industrial brushes Manufacturing process

Each industry requires the development of specific brushes, taking into account the basic parameters. With years of experience KOTI TRIBOLLET, treats responsibly to the production of each type of products. When manufacturing a brush, the company pays special attention to material, height, diameter, density of bristles, etc. 

Types of brush materials and their advantages

  • Nylon. It’s got a long service life. Great for working on rough surfaces. Wear resistant and has low moisture absorption.
  • Polypropylene. The best solution for cleaning and washing tasks.
  • Steel wire. A very durable material that is often used when working with steel or iron surfaces.
  • Abrasive. These are nylon fibers with the addition of carborundum particles.

Different materials are used for a specific task in brush manufacturing process. We have different types of roller brushes for sale. They are easy to use. It’s possible to replace worn parts, and it is convenient to transport. Here you can buy industrial brushes in the form of a strip, which will be a good replacement for the traditional rubber seal, as well as brushes for washing vegetables or for washing glass units. There are brushes for cleaning various coatings and conveyor belts, and much more.

Development of industrial brushes on request

If you do not find the industrial brush you are looking for in our product range, we are ready to provide a customized solution for your request with almost unlimited design possibilities when it comes to brush used for your specific needs. Our company manufactures brushes of any shape, length and diameter. We can make a brush using various bristle materials. The main advantages of our products are excellent quality, simplicity and reliability and ease of use. Our company specializes at modifying any of our industrial brushes to match your specific requirements. We are able to provide custom sizes for industrial brushes, produce various custom handles as well as add any bristle combinations. Whether you want to add a unique feature to your order or just modify a size, we can do everything!  Within 3-5 days we are ready to provide a solution for the development of an individual project according to your requirements.