KOTI TRIBOLLET specializes in the production of technical industrial brushes. A team of qualified specialists is constantly taking care of the quality of products. ISO 9000 certified.

Our brushes are successfully used in various industries, regardless of whether it is a standard application (cleaning, dusting, polishing, transport ...) or specific (packing vegetables, removing static electricity ...).

KOTI TRIBOLLET Ukraine is the official distributor of the company in Ukraine. We focus on meeting all your requirements for quality, price and delivery times. Our goal is to help our clients successfully implement their projects. We are constantly striving to improve the quality of our offerings.

Benefits of working with us

  • Our quality. The KOTI group of companies is an undisputed specialist and one of the world leaders in the production of brushes, which over its long history has accumulated extensive operational experience and knowledge of the production capabilities of enterprises. Thanks to professionals, modern equipment and quality materials, KOTI provides high quality technical brushes.
  • Our assortment. Much of what we offer is hard to find from anyone else in Canada. At the same time, we are constantly striving to expand the range of products based on your needs, which will always be available in a warehouse in Vancouver.
  • Our timing. When requesting a specific or non-standard brush, we give a commercial offer within 3-5 days. Production and delivery times in some cases are up to 20 days.
  • Our prices. The manufacturing capacity of KOTI TRIBOLLET allows us to provide both an individually designed tool that best suits your task, as well as a more budgetary option and a favorable price offer..

Please consult with us to find the right brush for you. We will be glad to help you!