Use of brushes for winter sports

щетки в горнолыжном спорте

The KOTI TRIBOLLET company has not ignored such a specific field of application of technical brushes as alpine skiing and recreation. It turns out that in such a remote area from the industry there are also many areas where brushes can be quite useful.

The most common use of brushes in the sports sector is for servicing skis and snowboards. Also, brush products are used for installation on snow-removing equipment, brush surfaces are used for cleaning shoes, strip brushes are installed in racks for storing skis and snowboards.

Benefits of using padded brushes for ski and snowboard care:

  • The range includes different types of printed brushes with different bristle materials for different applications;
  • The brushes perfectly clean the sliding surfaces of skis and snowboards (removing old wax and dirt);
  • Overall spread of of wax with nylon fibre brushes or horse hair brushes;
  • Surface treatment of too smooth surfaces with brass wire brushes;

Advantages of using brush surfaces to create artificial trails and clean surfaces:

  • Artificial trail surfaces are available in large sizes, flexible fibers perfectly mimic the effect of sliding on snow;
  • Brush mats are suitable for cleaning shoes and ski surfaces when entering a room;

Advantages of using brush rollers for snow removal:

  • Designed brushes with a sufficiently coarse bristle material for aggressive cleaning;
  • The pile material can withstand temperatures down to -40° C;
  • Available in different sizes for different types of machines;
  • Thanks to a special protective wire, which additionally fixes the pile, jumping out is excluded, which meets high safety requirements;

Advantages of using strip brushes for ski racks:

  • Strip brushes keep skis securely in the racks;
  • The stiffness of the fibers is selected in such a way that they are stiff enough to hold the skis in the racks and at the same time prevent scratches or damage;
  • A wide range of brushes helps you to choose the option for any length and width of the rack;