Design of embedded brush

Stamped brushes are somewhat similar to broomsticks and toothbrushes. Pile tufts are stuffed into a perforated housing. The number of holes, the density of the bristles and the type of housing are different, so a large number of different types of brushes can be made (flat brushes, end brushes, cylindrical brushes, etc.).

Набивные промышленные щетки

Pile can be stuffed in two ways.

Automatic filling (1). Holes are drilled in the body (usually made of polymer materials, but sometimes wooden) and the pile is fixed in them with the help of staples.

Manual filling (2). Produced only if the housing is made of a hard material (steel, aluminum). When perforating, a shallow blind hole is first drilled, then a second through hole of a smaller diameter is drilled. Pile tufts are set manually.

Drilling with CNC machines constantly multiplies production possibilities. The density of the pile can be different depending on the thickness of the bundle, the greater / lesser distance between the bundles, as well as the direction of the pile stuffing (special designs). We will help you determine the shape of the brush, the bristle and the density of the padding to provide you with the product that is most effective for your task.

Набивные промышленные щетки

In the photo on the right, there are four identical cases. They differ only in the location of the pile.

  1. Spiral filling. 3-row spirals.
  2. Chevron filling. 1-row spirals.
  3. Offset filling. Medium density.
  4. Offset padding. High density.

How to order

To receive a commercial offer and order any ramming brush, we suggest downloading and filling out the appropriate application form and sending it to us. Please also indicate everything you need: grooves, mounting holes and other design features. Within 5 working days we will consider your request and give a commercial offer.

Application forms to download:

If you have not found a suitable form, you can send us your drawing to Этот адрес электронной почты защищён от спам-ботов. У вас должен быть включен JavaScript для просмотра. or through the feedback form.