Hygienic brushes 

Series of brushes for cleaning and cleaning in strict sanitary and laboratory conditions.



Polypropylene body, hard, flexible or soft bristle, fiberglass handle (1.30 m). Available in 5 colors: white, blue, yellow, green and red.

Packing: 6 pieces in individual plastic boxes.

Available shapes:

  • Sweep broom brush: 26 cm with straight grip insert;
  • Sweep broom brush: 50 cm with inclined handle insert;
  • Deck brushes 22-26 and 30 cm;
  • Wheel brushes;
  • Tank and container brushes: 17cm and 21cm.
круговые щетки



They are not made from foam, which quickly accumulates a large number of germs, and are great for cleaning floors and tables.

Two models: 55 and 70 cm

Hand use brushes

Щетки для ручного применения

For cleaning tables, plates, pots and kitchen utensils. Available in hard or soft polyester bristles.

Packing: 6 pieces in individual plastic boxes.

We offer several convenient shapes: circular brush, convex brush, flesh brush, circular hand brush, nail brush with stainless steel chain.

Dust cleaning brush

Щетки для уборки пыли

Полный спектр щеток для уборки пыли, чистки стоков и умывальников: щети с короткими и длинными рукоятками, для позолоченных кромок, для режущих лезвий, щетки с половинной головкой и щетки для хлебобулочной промышленности, наборы щеток (плоские щетки и метелки).



Food brushes. Available today with yellow or green handle.

Ершики для лабораторий

Ершики для лабораторий и пищевой промышленности

Spiral handle made of 304L stainless steel, polyester bristle.

Available in five colors: white, blue, yellow, red and green.

Packing: 6 pieces in individual plastic boxes.

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