Shapes and sizes of embedded brushes

Below are examples of the most common embedded brush shapes.

   Flat brushes

Плоские набивные промышленные щетки

Used as work surfaces for punching and cutting sheet metal, sweeping brushes for continuous cleaning, continuous gentle surface cleaning, sweeping away dust, production waste, direction of travel.

Плоские набивные промышленные щетки

Roller brushes

Роликовые набивные промышленные щетки

Roller brush applications cover virtually all industries from food to mechanical engineering. They are used to remove dust, dirt, burn-on, crumbs, surface treatment, coating, rust removal from sheet metal, glass cleaning, transportation of grain, capsules in the production of medicines, etc.

Роликовые набивные промышленные щетки

End brushes

Торцевые набивные промышленные щетки

They are used for cleaning streets and premises in harvesting machines, processing cheese heads after ripening, cleaning and surface treatment.

Торцевые набивные промышленные щетки

Other brush shapes

In the photo (1) - cylindrical and ring brushes for the textile industry.

Roller brushes in two halves (2) are easy to install and remove. This system is used by us for manual filling of brushes. Screws on the sides or flanges at the ends of the brush fix each brush half in place.

Щетки для текстильной промышленности

Wheel brushes (3) due to their special shape, these brushes allow you to brush several sides at the same time. They are often used for cleaning crates and containers.

Набивные промышленные щетки из двух половин Набивные круговые щетки

How to order

To receive a commercial offer and order any ramming brush, we suggest filling out the appropriate application form and sending it to us. Please also indicate everything you need: grooves, mounting holes and other design features. Within 5 working days we will consider your request and give a commercial offer.

Application form for downloading:

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