Drop seals
and brush seals for doors, gates and windows

Stribo brush seals are used to eliminate drafts, maintain temperature, heat and coolness in the room, for noise insulation, protection from dust, ultraviolet radiation and sunlight. Maintaining the temperature regime allows you to save on heating and air conditioning of the room. The level of sound insulation, depending on the model, can reach 51 dB, and the reliability of the design allows the Stribo seal to be used for more than 10 years.

Decorative brush seals for doors will fit into any interior, a variety of colors and designs solve this problem. Brushes in the Stribo Pro aluminium profile  are presented in a wide range of sizes, so they are convenient for non-standard solutions, as well as for sealing doors of various designs.

Stribo door seals are not rubber bands for doors in the broadest sense. This is a special strip that is attached exclusively to the lower part of the door leaf, both directly on it and in the leaf itself. Stribo door seals are divided into two main types: overhead and recessed (automatic thresholds or "smart" thresholds).

Щеточное уплотнение Щеточное уплотнение
уплотнитель для дверей

We are sure that from our catalog you will be able to choose the necessary seals for windows and doors, as well as brush seals.

The Stribo series of brush seals is suitable for all types of doors or gates and includes:

  1. Interior door seals.
  2. Wooden door seals.
  3. Sliding door seals.
  4. Aluminum doors seals.
  5. Plastic doors seals.
  6. Glass door seals.
  7. Seals for fire-resistant doors.
  8. Seals for gates.

Automatic drop seals

KOTI TRIBOLLET specializes at producing top-quality automatic drop seals. We know exactly how to combine efficient door sealing and productive door operation.  Everyone wants to avoid the penetration of noise and cold inside when selecting strip brushes for doors.  The main goal of such item is to assure that floor and swing door gap is securely closed. For this goal the door seal must be automatically lowered by cause of release device. We can offer a number of perse mounting options. Custom-made strips are possible.

Top-quality drop seals

Each amount includes silicone rubber gasket and long-lasting spring device. Spring-loaded mechanism is responsible for activation and deactivation of a door seal. It means that you don’t need electricity engaged in this process. KOTI TRIBOLLET took care that brush seals for doors could be used even if you have uneven floors. It could be achieved thanks to top-quality sealing profile adaptation to the floor setting. Strip brushes with aluminium profile of the highest quality available

Gate and door brushes

Proper cleaning tools could be a helping hand in every industry. They make the cleaning process easier and faster and allow reducing even the hardest dust. It’s easier to select the right brush if you understand its functions and the role of brush type. Our company can offer decorative sealing brushes for doors. Wide variety of sizes available in stock.  If you install brushes properly, they’ll have long service life

Custom strip brushes for doors

KOTI TRIBOLLET has a wide range of strip brushes for sale in stock. We understand how important for users to find the right item that will be perfectly suitable for their special requirements and needs. For this reason we are ready to create custom strip brush for doors. We take into account all your wishes and design a unique solution.