Rubber seals 

Seals "Christmas tree" for groove 4x6 mm

Model Order code Material Package, m
Резиновые уплотнители L11 thermoplastic rubber 25
L11 M2 thermoplastic flame retardant rubber 50
Резиновые уплотнители T21 thermoplastic rubber 50
T21 M2 thermoplastic flame retardant rubber 50
Резиновые уплотнители O31 thermoplastic rubber 25
O31 M2 thermoplastic flame retardant rubber 50

   Replacement seals for renovation work

These insulating seals are designed for the renovation of old joinery. The range includes 15 thermoplastic rubber seals and aluminum holders in the form H1 (12.4x7.8 mm) or F1 (26x4.8 mm).

Резиновые уплотнители

The holder is either attached with self-tapping screws, studs or brackets to the door frame, or with rivets to the metal door frame.

Rubber seals are available in coils of 25 or 50 m, depending on the type. To maintain a specific profile, positions M63, M64 and M65 are available in lengths of 3 m.Aluminum holders are supplied in lengths of 3 m.On request, holes can be drilled in them, they can be cut to the required length.

Резиновые уплотнители
Резиновые уплотнители

   Seals for wooden and metal frames without groove

Резиновые уплотнители

This seal provides an excellent seal for wood, steel, aluminum or PVC frames. It consists of a rigid PVC corner fixing profile and a thermoplastic rubber sponge with a very strong adhesive. Anchoring to uneven surfaces can be reinforced with nails or staples (wooden doors), screws or rivets (metal doors).

Model L1: for a small gap of 3 mm; L2 model: for an average gap of 5 mm; model L3: for large clearance - 7 mm.

Available in lengths of up to 3.2 m.

Резиновые уплотнители

Seals Stribo Series VP 40 and VP 50

They can be installed on any door on hinges with a thickness of 36 - 54 mm and consist of a smooth, shiny black rubber seal (P40 or P50) and two silver-gray anodized aluminum profiles. STRIBO VP40 is used for traditional doors with a thickness of 36-45 mm; STRIBO VP50 is used for doors with a thickness of more than 45 mm. STRIBO VP40 and VP50 also help protect fingers from getting into doors.

Install STRIBO VP40 and VP50 in such a way that the smooth side remains visible (the other side, on which the small central lip is located, remains invisible). Invert one or both seals to compensate for excessive clearance.

Supplied in lengths of 2.5 m.

Резиновые уплотнители