Brushes rings and belts

Brush rings and belts

Щеточные кольца. Кольцевые щетки

These rings are usually made of large diameter pile and any material such as polyester, nylon, polypropylene, Rilsan® or steel. The pile is attached to a metal or plastic ring that forms an annular brush. Simple installation of such brushes makes it possible to easily replace a worn out brush. These brushes are widely used in the textile industry, road cleaning, and can also be applied in other fields, such as cleaning concrete molds, and others..

   Brush belts or belt brushes

Brush belts are made of various materials according to the technical specifications of the customer. Give us your measurements and we will offer you any brush belts, any shape: flat, trapezoidal or toothed. They are both closed and of a certain length. They are mainly used for transportation and conveyor lines. For example, for transporting and slowing down bottles on a filling line.

Ленточные щетки. Щеточные ремни для транспортировки

With an array of belt brushes styles to select from and numerous mixture of fill materials patters, KOTI TRIBOLLET will make secure that our items provide the efficiency to get the work done fast, easily and comfortably. 

In KOTI TRIBOLLET  we believe that for an ordinary customer the task of choosing a proper brush ring or belt could be tricky, so we are always here for you to help. 

Belt brushes

Brush belts that deliver the adaptability and all round efficiency to get the job done. Whether you are cleaning roads, working with textile industry or are engaged in transportation processes, we have the right brush rings and belts for you. All our products meet the highest standards of cleaning industry. 

Brushes for textile industry

Our company implements advanced techniques in production process to guarantee the finest quality of brushes. We are ready to offer solutions that will successfully meet your unique requirements.

Brush rings for textile industry:

  • produced using high-quality materials
  • superior dust absorption
  • easy to clear them up
  • completely vibration-free running 
  • manufactured taking into account textile industry standards
  • available in different sizes
  • thickness could be chosen according to your needs
  • top-quality bristles are used
  • extremely durable
  • high performance ability

Road cleaning brushes

Brush rings for road cleaning from KOTI TRIBOLLET are designed to sweep waste, debris, shivers and to guarantee the efficiency of work.

  • Durable in use
  • Provide high performance
  • Could be easily assembled 
  • Suitable for use with road sweepers
  • Designed for use with all leading manufacturers

Brushes for cleaning concrete molds

Scrubbing away the mildew as well as mold could be a tough task if you don’t use proper brushes. 

We developed a special soft-bristled brushes suitable for effective cleaning  concrete molds. 

To clean a bare concrete floor grit brushes could be also used. They help to eliminate dirt in the ground and debris that remain in the unsealed concrete. 

Brushes for transportation and conveyor lines

We know how important to provide good quality when it comes to brushes for conveyor lines. They usually require a persistent maintenance. We designed brushes that allow you to avoid inconveniences when using and maintaining. Numerous parameters are tested by KOTI TRIBOLLET  to be assured that brushes for transportation and conveyor lines are flawless. 

  • Very high quality
  • Excellent materials
  • Different sizes and dimensions are presented

To improve cleaning efficiency high-strength and wear-resistant materials are used.

We created integrated design, so the process of installation is fast and simple.