Brush seals. Strip brushes

Щеточные уплотнители. Полосовые щетки

Any brush seal is a strip or tape with a pile of small thickness (from 2 to 20 mm). These brushes are single-row by default, unlike tufted industrial brushes, which are available in both single and multiple rows. These strip brushes are widely used as a sealant for various gaps, mechanisms and doors. In many cases, they are the best alternative to rubber seals due to the properties of the brush: they restore their shape better, bridging gaps with uneven, wavy and rough surfaces, have minimal resistance to movement, are UV-resistant. In addition, they are also used for cleaning surfaces, relieving static stress, direction of travel, etc.

Уплотнитель щеточный. Полосовые щетки

A fairly simple and effective design of the brush seal includes a brush head and bristles. The head holds the pile, and also serves as a fastening element in the groove of a part, mechanism or profile. Head sizes and materials may vary depending on the type of brush. Basically it is galvanized steel strip or polypropylene. The pile is mechanically clamped with galvanized steel, the pile is poured with polypropylene. At the same time, brushes with a metal head are not flexible, however, they are produced not only straight, but also profiled for various tasks. Profiling and bending is done by KOTI TRIBOLLET. Polypropylene head brush seals are flexible and are used wherever flexibility or corrosion resistance is required.

For door sealing we offer a special Stribo Seal Series.

The pile materials used for the manufacture of brush seals can be different. The traditional ones are polypropylene and nylon. For more information on possible bristle materials, see the recommendations section - Pile materials of technical brushes.

Щеточные уплотнители. Полосовые щетки

KOTI TRIBOLLET stock a large number of various line brushes both for polypropylene and for glassware production. Our company offers brush seals in a variety of numerous surfaces, lenghts and the applications for which they are used. We pay a special attention on how bristles mounted to the brush surface in order to offer only top-quality products for our customers. 

Strip brushes from KOTI TRIBOLLET official distributor in Canada

Our company offers a wide range of Brush seals:

  • Brushes for windows and doors transportation
  • Drum with strip brushes assembled for cleaning conveyor
  • Linear brushes for cleaning of punches of vibropresses
  • Brushes for matrices of vibropresses and many others.

Flexible strip brushes

They could be used in almost any application thanks to their versatility. The finest top-quality materials are used in line brushes Canada production. Profiled strip brushes are presented in variety of shapes and sizes. Coiled strip brushes could be selected according to the lenghts. Main feature of strip brushes is ability to follow both even and uneven surfaces and objects. Their fibres could be adaptable to various unevenness. 

With years of experience, our company specializes at producing custom strip brushes. Fields of application should be specified and we’ll take care to provide you the most appropriate offer.

Gates sealing features:

  • top-quality materials
  • excellent strength features
  • top-quality tear blocking

KOTI TRIBOLLET is a leader in manufacturing Internal curved strip brushes. We pay a special attention to the finest quality of every item. We use a unique bristle impact technology that allows to forget about falling out of bristles. We continue to develop new kinds of strip brushes according to our consumers tasks. Taking care of each step in manufacturing process, our company guarantees the highest quality.