Fields of application of brush seals.
Gates sealing

Щеточные уплотнители. Полосовые щетки

Brush seals, like any other type of industrial brush, have a wide variety of uses. First of all, in addition to their main function as a compactor, they are used for guiding and positioning, cleaning conveyor belts or products, and removing static electricity. All these functions are performed by brush seals in continuous production in various industries: food and light industry, production of building materials, pharmaceuticals and woodworking, and others. As for the seal, the brushes are used as a seal for gates, doors and mechanisms.

Strip brush - door sealing

Strip brushes are a a great gate seal because of the following characteristics:

Уплотнители для ворот

  • Brushes are made with pile of various heights: from 10 mm to 150 mm and more, accordingly, with the help of it, the consumer can cover rather large gaps.
  • Pile flexibility allows bridging gaps with height differences or unevenness.
  • The simplicity of the design of the brush + aluminum profile makes it easy to mount the brush or dismount a worn one.
  • The bristle of standard brushes is UV resistant and will not fade.

The gate type does not matter. Thanks to the choice of profile shape and pile height, you can choose a seal for sectional, roller shutter, sliding and swing gates. It will completely follow the shape of the surface to which it adjoins.

Уплотнитель для ворот Уплотнитель для ворот гаража Уплотнители для ворот


Уплотнитель для ворот Уплотнитель для ворот гаража Уплотнители для ворот

   Strip brush - door sealing

Уплотнители для дверей

By analogy with gates, brush seals are also used for various types of doors: single, double-leaf, sliding, revolving and others. In addition, these can be doors for various purposes: office, entrance, emergency exit doors. For all types of doors, either universal strip brushes with aluminum profiles or special seals with decorative colors are used. The first option is good because you have four options for fastening using profiles of various shapes, as well as one option for fastening the brush in the groove of the door without a profile. Plus, the pile height can vary. The second option is especially suitable for indoor spaces.

There are two main pile materials: polypropylene and horsehair. Synthetic polypropylene is more affordable and more versatile. The horsehair bristle brush is denser and fits on either interior doors or revolving doors.

Уплотнитель для дверей Уплотнители для дверей Уплотнитель для дверей

   Other fields of application

Уплотнители щеточные

Brushes are also used as seals in server rooms for sealing cable lines, on machines for various purposes to protect against splashing of coolant and paint, scattering of chips, and vice versa - to protect mechanisms from the ingress of foreign particles and dust. Strip brushes are used to seal moving platforms and hatches.

Today, brush seals are actively used in gas turbines, as well as in the aviation industry in turbines instead of labyrinth seals.

Уплотнители щеточные Уплотнители щеточные