Drum with strip brushes assembled for cleaning conveyor

Барабан с щетками полосовыми наборными для очистки конвейера

The brush drum consists of an extruded aluminum body (1) (order code 15584) with 30 slots for inserting strip brushes n°5 installation, a shaft (2), two flanges (3) and 30 strip brushes n ° 5 (4) (pile height may be different).

Shaft, flange bores and 30 strip n ° 5 brushes can be customized. The cross-sectional dimensions of the aluminum housing remain unchanged. The length of the drum is negotiated when ordering.

Using a standard aluminum body we can achieve a wide variety of combinations. Depending on the task, the cylinder can be completely or partially filled with strip brushes.

Stripe-type conveyor cleaning brushes have an advantage over solid roller brushes, since worn brushes can be replaced without problems by the user. Strip brushes are much cheaper than a new embedded brush.

щетки полосовые наборные для очистки конвейера