Linear brushes
for cleaning of punches of vibropresses

Линейные щетки для вибропрессов

These brushes are quite often used not only for cleaning matrices on vibropress equipment, but are also used on harvesting equipment and conveyor mechanisms.

Brushes for vibropresses have high rigidity and durability due to their specific combination pile. The padding of the brush consists of a flat spring carbon wire 1.1 x 0.25, framed on the outside with a synthetic bristle of large cross-section (usually 2 x 2 or 2 x 3 mm). The synthetics can be polyamide (nylon) or polypropylene. Polyamide has a lower coefficient and higher wear resistance. Polypropylene is a less expensive material, but the mechanical properties of the brush are largely determined by the wire, so the synthetic bristle material is of secondary importance. The brush body is made of rigid galvanized steel strip with two 5.09 mm wings. Body (head) dimensions: 20.0 x 24.0 mm.

Brushes for vibropress machines KOTI TRIBOLLET are used on equipment for the production of paving slabs and other small-piece concrete products from such manufacturers as HESS, Quadra, Adler.

Линейные щетки для матриц вибропрессов