Internal curved strip brushes

Спиральные полосовые щетки

Any strip brush can be wound around a shaft to form a roller brush. The range of such spiral strip brushes turns out to be quite wide and depends on the height and pile material.

Strip brushes can be wound tightly (3) or in longitudinal steps (1 and 2). Such a roller (3) has an increased density, which cannot be achieved by traditional methods of making brushes. Our brushes can be easily replaced after wear. It is more profitable than winding a new brush on the shaft.

Open spirals (brushes without a shaft) are intended only for the manufacture of coils that are not subject to significant loads, as well as for small diameter brushes.

Custom made.Спиральные полосовые щетки

  1. Coiled strip brush, chevron, 50 mm pitch.
  2. Coiled strip brush, right-hand spiral, 15 mm pitch.
  3. Condensed coiled strip brush.
Полосовые щетки, смотанные в спирали