Brushes for windows and doors transportation

щетки для ПВХ столов

Assembly table brushes are used in tables for the production of window and door structures. Thanks to their soft nylon bristle, Stribo Work PVC table brushes provide an ideal surface on which to handle delicate objects; thus they can be moved without the risk of scratches, brushes do not leave dirt on the object during operation.

Stribo Work PVC table brushes consist of strip brushes n°3,5 (1), installed in aluminium profile 14500 (2), which, in turn, is installed in a steel rail (3). The system ensures the safe movement of all types of components, especially PVC, aluminum or wood window and door frames.

Standard model. Length 2000 mm, nylon brushes protrude 10 mm from the frame. It is possible to order each component separately! Worn out brushes are easy to replace with new ones without the need to order a traditional one-piece new brush.

Special model. Custom made.

щетки для сборочных столов